Our Terms

MediaCrash offers two ways that you, the content creator, can contract with us.

1. Work For Hire - The content is purchased in full from the creator and it becomes the sole property of MediaCrash LLC. With this contract, royalties are not paid from distribution of the published work.

2. Royalty - The creator retains ownership and copyright of the work and MediaCrash purchases the publishing and distribution rights to the final version of the work (usually for a defined period of time). Although a smaller price will be offered to the artist for this type of contract, the artist will receive royalties from any units sold by MediaCrash.

Unlike traditional publishers or record labels, we allow the artist to choose which method fits their financial and legal situation. If you have worked with us under one type of contract, you can always opt for a different method on another project.

Once we negotiate a final price, MediaCrash will pay you in 3 payments. First, you will be paid an advance of one-third of the final price, so that you have funds to begin the project. Second, you will receive a payment of one-third at the halfway point of the project, defined by the contract. Lastly, you will receive a final payment of one-third, upon successful completion of the work. If you have opted to retain ownership and copyright of your material, then you will also receive quarterly royalties resulting from any sales of your work.

Periodically, MediaCrash will post bounties on our site for smaller jobs that have a standard, non-negotiable price. Payment for these jobs will follow the same 3 payment schedule.

Generally, it is in the best long-term interest of the artist to retain the ownership of their Intellectual Property. It is generally in the best long-term interest of MediaCrash to purchase the work outright. This is why we've established a scaled compensation model that pays a greater initial amount to the artist for Work for Hire contracts.

We've also established a section of the site that explains the difference between the two contracts in non-technical terms and provides links to relevant information so that you can make an informed decision. This allows our potential artists to decide for themselves which contract suits them and reduces negotiation and legal costs for us.