We are now accepting submissions! If you are interested in submitting work or ideas to be considered for a future MediaCrash project, please submit as an attachment to submissions(at)mediacrash(dot)com. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us at that address and direct us to a link where your work can be viewed, read or listened to.

We're pretty open minded at this early stage, but there are a few guidelines that should be covered.

What we are accepting:
  • Science-fiction and fantasy writing in any format: short-stories, graphic-novel & comic-book scripts, novels and novellas, etc.

  • Any original art in any medium that can be digitized. This includes non-digitally created artwork if it can be scanned in its final format. We are particularly interested in anime influenced character designs.

  • Musical tracks in any genre, of any quality, instrumental or with vocals. We will consider solo recordings.

  • Animation or film shorts, specifically those exhibiting unique sci-fi or fantasy special-effects and imagery.

What we are not accepting:
  • Fan-fiction or any writing that has characters or storylines derived from previously licensed or copyrighted works.

  • Artwork or character designs that depict licensed characters.

Writers, please submit a short sample of no more than 5 pages of work that best shows your style. Do not submit any nonsensical cover letter and don't worry about stylistic formatting. Simply make it readable. Our preferred format is PDF, but if you must submit in another format (or on paper), please contact us and we will make arrangements.

Visual & Graphic artists, please submit your work through email if possible. Acceptable formats are JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.

Musicians & Producers, please email 1 or 2 tracks that show your range. If you do not wish to submit whole tracks, partial song samples are acceptable. If you have tracks online already, links to sites where we can listen are acceptable.

IMPORTANT! Please read our terms before submitting! We try to be as transparent as possible when contracting artists, but contracts can be misunderstood. Our mission is to create a contract between MediaCrash and every artist that is truly mutually beneficial. So, research before you make a decision. If you have questions about your rights, copyright, licensing, or intellectual property, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. Another of our goals is to contract with the most educated artists on the Internet. We are looking forward to working with you!