In addition to writing, producing and publishing our own projects, MediaCrash offers various publishing and production services to other creative artists and companies. Because our work is varied, our services cover a wide range, from assisting in the workflow of a fiction novel, to recording & mixing guitar tracks. Please contact us with questions about any of the services listed here.

Book Typesetting:

We will create tasteful and professional typography for the interior pages for your book, using industry standard typesetting software. Here are some examples of recent work.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Ebook Conversion:

We will convert your manuscript into Kindle, .mobi, .epub (used by Nook and Kobo), and typeset PDF format.


We will perform basic editing (cleaning typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors) with a quick turnaround. Your edited manuscript will be annotated with corrections and suggestions. More comprehensive editing (sentence structure, continuity, creative coaching etc.) is available on a case by case basis.

Guitar & Bass tracking:

I am available for recording sessions, either remote or on site. I can record finger-style classical pieces, electric guitar tracks in rock, heavy-metal, punk, ska, or reggae style, Bebop jazz, Spanish flamenco and others. I can also play rock, punk or ska bass (generally with a pick). I sight read, can improvise from charts and can also play by ear. I'll show up, tune up, and record your tracks quickly and professionally.

Music Performance:

I am available for live performances of solo classical guitar in small venues. I can perform a 1 hour set of chamber pieces appropriate for dinner music or any elegant setting. Below are some videos of me playing.

Music Composition & Arrangement:

I can score, arrange and record instrumental musical pieces in a wide variety of genres. My background is strongest in heavy rock, punk, and classical, but I also have experience with world music, jazz, fusion, country, and hip-hop. If you require a custom composition to fit a particular mood or theme, please contact me with your specs and request a quote. Here are some examples of recently recorded pieces.

MediaCrash will also license any of the tracks in our portfolio for commercial projects (advertising, film soundtrack, demo work, etc.). You can listen to our repertoire here.

Illustration (Book Cover & Interiors. Commissions):

I am also available for illustration work. My illustration style is generally brush-inked, traditional comic and manga art. I also do digital coloring and watercolors. You can see examples of my work here.

My focus is sequential art and book covers, but I'm always interested in and willing to discuss other subjects.