Upcoming & Completed Projects

  • We've completed and released book one of the "Tales Of The Fall" trilogy by J.A. Wynn. The first book, titled "Onlyness", is available on Amazon.com. You can read more about the story, characters & author at www.talesofthefall.com. Buy it. Read it. The story rocks!

  • MediaCrash is handling the planning & logistics for the Berkshire Anime & Manga Convention (BAMCon), taking place in May, 2013.

  • We will be starting production of a 6 track music release this summer, featuring both electronic and traditional musicians. Each of the 3 artists or groups will be contributing 2 tracks each and we encourage them to stretch their creative abilities. We've already filled one artist's spot but we are still searching for the other two. We are finally accepting submissions; let us know if you are interested!

  • We will be releasing a 16 page graphic-novel sampler in mid-fall - concept-art in the works...

  • Software, book-trailer, and short-story projects to be announced soon!