Still Images and Assorted Conceptual Art

Here are some of the rendered frames, still shots and image files from various projects. There are quite a few frames that took too long to render and couldn't be used in the final animations.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images, some of them are part of a sequence. Some are just sketches and some we just happened to like.

Most of these frames and images get updated fairly frequently, so if you saw something that you liked and it's not here now, drop us a line and let us know which one it was.

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The Rendering Pipeline

We use a really cool Python script from Italy called The Piovra. This script rocks if you need a simple and efficient render-farm setup for Blender.

Even thought it's been around for a while, it works straight out of the box and had us rendering across a network in one sitting. It was a little disorienting because we had to translate a little Italian to make sure that we were using it correctly, but other than that, it was relatively painless. Highly recommended.

If you want the script, it's available here.