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Books I and II in the Tales of the Fall series - available here in Epub format.

A world that hides just beneath the surface of our own, where angels fell from grace, not in myth or legend but in historical fact ... In this world, the rebellion of the angels was an actual series of battles between extra-terrestrial beings. These uprisings ended in the vanquished retreating to the planet that we now inhabit. This is the scene that is the backdrop for the "Tales of The Fall" trilogy.

"Onlyness", the first book in the series, relates four separate yet connected tales that span across centuries of human affairs and are woven together to create a narrative that touches on both theological and speculative fiction.

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Onlyness Cover
Onlyness - Ebook

"The Right Hand Path", the second book in the series, continues the epic saga of fallen angels, a cybernetically enhanced teenager, and two magically gifted siblings who find themselves embroiled in a cosmic battle.

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Mountain View
The Right Hand Path - Ebook