Dipping into Freelancing

12 March 2017 art,life,music,writing
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The last couple of months have really torn me away from any sort of regular schedule. My main computer died, I had an important public speaking event, there was a structural near-disaster at my house (prompting me to move all of my books). It was pretty hectic.
But, I continued to …

Self-Discipline in Self-Publishing

17 September 2016 art,life,music,writing
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When you’re involved in self-publishing, whether you’re putting out your own books, running a small indie record label, doing a webcomic, etc, you usually don’t have a boss, editor, art director, or producer. It’s just you. You may have friends, partners, or assistants helping out sometimes, but the final call …

Music and Mood for Creative Inspiration

8 September 2016 art,music,writing
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I often think of writing fiction as primarily a visual art. Of course, it’s far different than drawing or painting, but when I’m writing, there seems to be a film running in my head. I visualize the characters in the setting, their clothing, even their expressions – and that film …

J.A. Wynn Short Story Series, Number 1: The Flood

26 August 2016 short stories,writing
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I did a little research on whether it was a good idea or not to publish some short stories here on the MediaCrash blog. One of my concerns was the basic risk of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Some people believe that most small-time authors worry too much about their work …

Bilingual Posts in Social Media Marketing

18 August 2016 japanese,life,writing
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As I’m beginning (belatedly) to go into full-tilt marketing mode with the release of a new book, I’m running into some trouble with a new Twitter account.
I decided to separate the company account (@MediaCrash) from my new, personal account (@J_A_Wynn) and was already worried about maintaining two accounts. Then, it …

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