Bilingual Posts in Social Media Marketing

18 August 2016 japanese,life,writing
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As I’m beginning (belatedly) to go into full-tilt marketing mode with the release of a new book, I’m running into some trouble with a new Twitter account.
I decided to separate the company account (@MediaCrash) from my new, personal account (@J_A_Wynn) and was already worried about maintaining two accounts. Then, it … site is finally up.

13 April 2011 programming
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It’s taken quite a while to get all the pieces in place, but the site is actually online and there is actually some content there! It doesn’t look like much, but there’s a lot lurking under the hood. The site is 100% Python powered, a CherryPy app using Mako …

Short & Sweet

8 January 2011 writing
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I was just reviewing the articles that I currently have published. Writing for the web is so completely different than traditional print publishing. In addition to this awareness of the technology behind your content, there’s also knowing that there’s this seething mass of generally uncaring users out there who will …

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