Dipping into Freelancing

12 March 2017 art,life,music,writing
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The last couple of months have really torn me away from any sort of regular schedule. My main computer died, I had an important public speaking event, there was a structural near-disaster at my house (prompting me to move all of my books). It was pretty hectic.
But, I continued to …

Renegade Music, Art & Literature – Pop Culture Notes

24 December 2016 art,life,music,self-publishing
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2016 is wrapping up and I’m preparing to leap into 2017 with new music and a live set. Because I no longer have a band, I’ve had to face the fact that I’ll be on stage alone, for at least the immediate future. This is entirely new for me, and …

Inktober is Fully Underway

6 October 2016 art,life,Uncategorized
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The first week of Inktober has been hectic. I decided to post the first five drawings that I’ve done here on this blog, simply because I haven’t had time to write at all.
Each drawing has taken just a bit more time to devise, draw and ink that I anticipated, so …

Getting Amped Up for InkTober!

26 September 2016 art,life
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It’s InkTober time again, and this year I’m finally doing it. 31 drawings in 31 days. In case you don’t know, InkTober is a drawing challenge that was invented in 2009 by Jake Parker. The official rules and history are posted here.
Yesterday I was invited by some fellow artists at …

Self-Discipline in Self-Publishing

17 September 2016 art,life,music,writing
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When you’re involved in self-publishing, whether you’re putting out your own books, running a small indie record label, doing a webcomic, etc, you usually don’t have a boss, editor, art director, or producer. It’s just you. You may have friends, partners, or assistants helping out sometimes, but the final call …

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