Inktober is Fully Underway

6 October 2016 art,life,Uncategorized
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The first week of Inktober has been hectic. I decided to post the first five drawings that I’ve done here on this blog, simply because I haven’t had time to write at all.
Each drawing has taken just a bit more time to devise, draw and ink that I anticipated, so …

Getting Amped Up for InkTober!

26 September 2016 art,life
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It’s InkTober time again, and this year I’m finally doing it. 31 drawings in 31 days. In case you don’t know, InkTober is a drawing challenge that was invented in 2009 by Jake Parker. The official rules and history are posted here.
Yesterday I was invited by some fellow artists at …

Self-Discipline in Self-Publishing

17 September 2016 art,life,music,writing
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When you’re involved in self-publishing, whether you’re putting out your own books, running a small indie record label, doing a webcomic, etc, you usually don’t have a boss, editor, art director, or producer. It’s just you. You may have friends, partners, or assistants helping out sometimes, but the final call …

Music and Mood for Creative Inspiration

8 September 2016 art,music,writing
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I often think of writing fiction as primarily a visual art. Of course, it’s far different than drawing or painting, but when I’m writing, there seems to be a film running in my head. I visualize the characters in the setting, their clothing, even their expressions – and that film …

I Finally Stopped Lurking at DeviantArt

2 September 2016 art,life
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After 8 years of being a DeviantArt member, I finally uploaded some drawings. I think the fact that I was forced to use my own artwork for the new book covers convinced me that there was no reason not to.
DeviantArt is strange, just like the rest of the Internet. The …

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