The Value of Dorama

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If you’re studying Japanese and using the Internet to supplement your studies, or even doing most of your study online, Japanese television is invaluable for your listening skills and cultural understanding. Many new Japanese language students have their first introduction to Japanese through anime or manga and they may miss out on the value of Japanese drama shows.

Drama, or more colloquially, dorama shows can give you a better ear for Japanese as it’s actually spoken by native speakers and may give you a better insight into the concerns of the typical Japanese. Compared to anime, dorama introduces you to speech that, while not entirely realistic, sounds a lot more like how real people talk. Also, you find out about actual actors and actresses that are famous throughout Japan.

A great place to get shows as they’re released is from d-addicts, a site that specializes in fansubs of Asian shows. You can also buy most shows in boxed sets from YesAsia or White Rabbit Express.

I used to download dorama that was hard-subbed (had English subtitles embedded into the file), but now, because my Japanese reading has improved, I prefer to get raws (files without subs at all). I usually watch episodes of the show with English subtitles so that I follow the story. Then, I watch again with Japanese subs. This way, I work on both listening and reading skills. If I get really ambitious, I try to watch the series again with no subtitles at all, to see if my listening has gotten any better.

I’ll be reviewing a number of my favorite shows here, ranging from romantic comedies and police stories, to supernatural suspense. Just like anime and manga, dorama covers a wide variety of subjects and styles. It may seem confusing at first because there are so many series but I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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