2016 is wrapping up and I’m preparing to leap into 2017 with new music and a live set. Because I no longer have a band, I’ve had to face the fact that I’ll be on stage alone, for at least the immediate future. This is entirely new for me, and more than a little daunting. Usually, I have three other people with me on stage to take some of the glare away, and one of them is a lead singer, so they’re the center of attention.

Now, I have to shoulder the spotlight (as small as it may be) alone. I’m no singer, so I won’t be able to perform my own music. Nearly all of my pieces are very vocal heavy, so instead I’ve opted to play some classical pieces. I’m thinking that I’ll start performing parts of the set at some open mics, and then try to bluster my way into some longer performances wherever I can manage to score them. I’m also planning on recording some videos of the pieces as soon as I can solve the audio sync situation (I have it mostly in hand) and posting them to YouTube.

I’m also scheduled to give a talk on self-publishing at the local library here. I’ll try to make a video of that as well and upload it to YouTube. I’ll embed the videos here on the blog as soon as I complete them.


Here are some drawings from this month:


The first one is the colored version of the Bakuretsu Riot! CD cover.



Then, here are some pencils and inks of a panel study. I also painted a version of this but I’m not very happy with the scanned colors so I’m not uploading it here.





I hope you like them! As always, comments and input are welcome and encouraged.