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democdcoverinksSo I haven’t posted here in a month. This is too long to skip posting, according to the expert opinions that I’ve found on other blogs.

But I haven’t been sitting on my thumbs, doing nothing. I finally have some music tracks posted online. And, I’ve started doing the art for a CD cover for an instrumental demo.

The tentative name for the project is Bakuretsu Riot! – bakuretsu means “exploding” in Japanese. I thought this was a good, old-schooly punk style name for a virtual rock band. To the left is the rough line art for the demo cover, without the coloring and lettering obviously.

The idea behind the project is essentially a manga, or cartoon band. I would animate videos for it but, at this point, animation is a little beyond our resources. The characters came from some other writing that I had stashed, and the songs are from some old sessions that I did with programmed digital drums (I am not a drummer at all). There actually are vocals recorded for these songs, but I mixed them without my voice because I’d like to eventually release them with a female vocalist. They were written specifically with a female vocalist in mind. Trust me, you don’t want to hear me sing them.

I made a Bandcamp page for the demo, so the songs are actually available for download (although I don’t know if anybody would want to buy the instrumentals), really I just wanted the songs to be up for listening.

Anyway, here they are:



The drums are pretty rough, but hopefully you get the idea. There are maybe another 15 songs from this session that I’d like to re-record in a full studio, with a voice actress on the mic (these were recorded in my living room).

The idea for a comic book or animated band is nothing new, they’ve been doing it since Josie and the Pussycats. Gorillaz comes to mind as well. actually has a list of virtual bands. In Japan, there have been a ton of animated or drawn musical acts. Don’t even get me started on the bizarre awesomeness that is Vocaloid.

So, I’m working on getting this one together. I need to work out some logistical and legal issues about the vocalist, but as soon as those problems are solved, I’ll be auditioning singers. Hopefully, if the sequential art really captures the vibe of the music and the characters, I can get some animators interested in it as well.


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