Inktober Week 2

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inktober_day_13___scared_of_sootballs_by_mr_machina-dal0f4iHere are the drawings from the second week of Inktober. I opened up with this one from day 13 because it’s my favorite –  I wanted it on the top of the post.

I missed a couple of days here and there, and didn’t follow the prompts precisely, but overall I was happy with the results.

The greatest insight that I’m gaining from doing this drawing challenge is finally starting to draw faster! Since each one of these drawings are completely started on the same day I finish them, I have to really fly to get them completely inked. They don’t take that long, but coming up with how to start them is usually the hardest part.

The above drawing was for the prompt “scared” so I drew a girl being startled by some susuwatari from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

This next one is simple some rope-hatching, a form of pattern often used in manga. I wanted to practice this so that I can finally use it for backgrounds.


The next one was for the prompt “rock”, so I drew a punk rock girl with a guitar.


This is a fanart drawing for the character Strykes from the webcomic (and print comic) R:ILPERSONA. This comic is pretty rad and I really like the character designs.


For the promt “transport”, I did a quick sketch of a landing Judicial troop transport from my own series, Tales of the Fall.


The most recent prompt was “tree”. So here’s a tree. I actually did the ground with an ink wash, and it looked pretty good. But, when I scanned it there were streaks visible so I had to ink the ground in with solid black. Here it is:


That’s it. There they are. I’m a couple days behind and I’m also working on non-inktober drawings, but I’ll catch up. More to come next week!

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