Inktober is Fully Underway

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The first week of Inktober has been hectic. I decided to post the first five drawings that I’ve done here on this blog, simply because I haven’t had time to write at all.

Each drawing has taken just a bit more time to devise, draw and ink that I anticipated, so I’ve just barely been keeping up. I think I’m getting into the swing of it though, and the second week should be smooth sailing.

The first drawing was based on a simple sketch I had done of a girl wearing a hood. I liked the pose so I chose it for my opening salvo. I ended up losing the pose and I wasn’t very happy with it.


The second day, I decided to use some reference. I found a pose repository at DeviantArt that had some good combat related images. I picked this sniper guy and shifted the angle a little. I would have done more with the background if I had more time.


Day 3 was pretty quick. I was also mixing a song that day, so I had to really fly with drawing. I decided to just do a face. It was about this time that I actually went and looked up the prompts for Inktober. I began to think that the prompts would save me time because I wouldn’t have to think up a totally new idea for each drawing. I’d originally thought that the prompts might restrict me and make it harder to come up with ideas.

I liked the way this girl’s expression came through in the sketch. When I saw the final inks, I realized that I really have to come up with a better method for hair.

Day 4 was the first time I used the prompt. The prompt for this one was “Hungry”. I really couldn’t think of a really deep and original idea for it, but I had a vague memory of this echoing figures technique that I’d seen in this manga drawing book. I figured I would use this opportunity to practice that cartooning technique. It came out ok, but took forever. I would have done much more rendering if it wasn’t after midnight when I finished. So yeah, technically this one was late.


This last one is probably my favorite out of this batch. I mean, I like the first one, but I screwed up the pose so I hate looking at it. Maybe I like this one because I just finished it and I won’t like it next week.

Either way, I like this one because it’s Jun the Swan from Gatchaman. And Gatchaman was one of the best things from my childhood. It’s also the very first piece of fanart that I’ve done. I mean, I’ve sketched Spider-Man since I was a kid, and I copy Gally from Gunnm all the time, but I never post fanart publicly. So, this is a first, and I’m really happy that it’s from Gatchaman. The prompt for today was “Sad”, so I drew a sad Jun.

sad_jun_inkSo, there they are, and I hope that I don’t fizzle out in the middle of the month! I’ll post more here as I finish them and hopefully there will be some improvement in my inking. Wish me luck!

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