I Finally Stopped Lurking at DeviantArt

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guitar_demon_webAfter 8 years of being a DeviantArt member, I finally uploaded some drawings. I think the fact that I was forced to use my own artwork for the new book covers convinced me that there was no reason not to.

DeviantArt is strange, just like the rest of the Internet. The artwork there runs from the most astounding and impressive technical drawings, paintings and digital art, to barely legible scribbles drawn by beginners. And the tone of the art has a decidedly deviant nature, which I like. I read a lot about how artists are moving from DA to other platforms like Tumblr or Twitter etc., but I think that DA is still the best. It has the community that seems the strangest and most underground, and that’s probably why I always felt comfortable with the setup there.

There are other places online where I could post art: ConceptArt.org, which has a really cool sketchbook section, or even Penciljack, which is pretty much for traditional comic book art, but I decided that DA was where I should start out. It’s where I first discovered some of my favorite artists, and I watched a number of them develop from total beginners to seasoned professionals before my eyes.

DeviantArt has its drawbacks, I know. I’m still not totally understanding the Llamas… but I love the fact that it has more than just drawings. Photographers and models, writers and poets from around the world all seem to be drawn to it and I think that’s significant. Eventually, when I feel that I’ve improved more, I’ll probably post some stuff at ConceptArt and Penciljack too, but for now I’m only going to be uploading to DA and here at the MediaCrash blog.

So, here’s the link to my profile again. If you want to check out art that I’m working on, stop by and comment!

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