After a long, long slog of writing, rewriting, editing, and typesetting, The Right Hand Path is finally published. In addition to getting this book out, the shiny, new, revised version of Onlyness is available as well.

This was a major milestone for me, as they are the first projects that I’ve published where I did the work entirely myself, including the cover illustrations. Halfway through the writing of The Right Hand Path, I halted and spent a complete year studying and practicing drawing, inking, and lettering. I understand that 365 days of practice doesn’t even get me close to where I’d like to be as an illustrator, but the difference between then and now is pretty striking. By the time the books go on sale, I will have been drawing every day for about 18 months.

But, I’m getting off topic! The point isn’t what it took to get here, it’s the fact that you can finally read the new book! So, here they are, and I truly hope that you enjoy them.