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I just wrapped up a marathon programming session, all-nighters and such, and I realized that I was about to launch this set of web sites and I hadn’t thought about what I was going to put on them. So, I thought a bit and decided to establish the format of this blog early on in it’s (hopefully) long life.

As a writer, I am constantly starting ideas and yet not constantly finishing them, and so I have quite a few undeveloped sketches and short stories sitting on hard drives and filling up boxes and drawers. I wrote my first novel simply because I couldn’t imagine anyone actually buying my poetry or short stories and I just couldn’t bring myself put in the heartbreaking effort of submission for such small pieces. Consequently, I decided that this could be a good place to develop them.

I will be periodically posting (and at the same time, archiving) the short pieces that didn’t make the cut for submission to agents or publishers and I’ll be breathlessly awaiting your feedback. Don’t get me wrong, these pieces aren’t necessarily of lower quality than my other work, they’re simply smaller, or not quite fleshed out. I can’t actually say that my more substantial work is of such great quality either, but there is something to be said for quantity. I would be the last person to make a reasoned judgment about any of it because, at different times I’m both impressed and mortified by everything that I’ve produced. I’ll leave it to the public to decide what they like or don’t.

I don’t believe that promotion is the only purpose that a web log can serve though, and I would hate to restrict something that could be so helpful, entertaining, and informative to a platform for me to dump my unpublished overflow. Therefore, the tales, rants, snippets, verses and commentary will be somewhat evenly dispersed with other writing. I’ll try to mix facts in with fiction and to interweave other people’s writings with my own. The original idea was that this was to be part of the web-application that was running behind my company’s website; writing a blog was more of an afterthought. It was originally intended as a place where those that I’ve collaborated with and myself could keep our users, readers, listeners, viewers and (dare I say?) fans, posted on the work we were producing. At this point though, it’s just me and so I’ll be filling the archive myself. No worries though, I have lots of stuff…

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