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I was just reviewing the articles that I currently have published. Writing for the web is so completely different than traditional print publishing. In addition to this awareness of the technology behind your content, there’s also knowing that there’s this seething mass of generally uncaring users out there who will (hopefully) peruse your work. You have to add SEO to your copy, and you have to be aware of links out of the page and inbound links to the website. The writing is so short, fast, and concise, because the web-reader won’t waste time to get to the meat of your point.

I remember when I first attempted “A Tale of Two Cities” as a kid, and I didn’t have the patience to slog through the first chapters. I put it down. When I finally caught the flow of the story (on maybe my third try), I burned right through it. I still remember how I felt when I hit the last scene of the book. I was in awe. It was such an amazing ending. I’m glad that I tried again, and I really feel bad for those readers out there who are only getting their content from Web 2.0.

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