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I’m just waiting for an animation render to finish. The footage is of a softbody with a wind effect. Photo-realistic images are possible in systems like this but are they really necessary? I mean, if we only use our imagination to emulate reality, then what would be the point of fantasy? On the other hand, only when there is some level of reference to reality do we find that reality is suspended. We have to have some reality to suspend! So we are caught in the paradox. Not a particularly bad one but a paradox nonetheless.

I think it is a challenge to develop imagery that achieves both the illusion of reality and a touch of the fantastic, and it’s in that intermediate place that we can express the most to the viewer or the listener. We have to stimulate the imagination or the fantasies of the person in the audience and these are somewhat universal. What are the things that all the world has in common and how can they be represented in music or animation? We have tools and technologies that can make anything that we conceive appear on the screen, the question is do we have the skill and knowledge to pull it off? You have to realize that none of it is real, it is all actually abstract and illusory. To make an enjoyable moment for the viewer is not impossible, but to create something memorable and influential is certainly difficult. To put your own stamp of approval on it is probably the hardest part because the work is far more personal to the creator than to anybody in the audience. The goal is to create a kind of synergy between at least a few members of the audience and the creative team. When that occurs, it really doesn’t matter how many are involved or how much money was made, but just that communication occurred. I know that some would say that that’s an idealistic view but it’s not. It’s quite realistic because we often forget just how important communication is. Without the connection we can’t feel that we’re part of something else outside of our small world, and that can be amazingly threatening. When we touch others with the ideas that we create we feel just a little less alone on the planet, and we provide that same feeling to the viewer. This is the real function of the art that we create, not simply entertainment.

That being said, it’s still very important that we make the whole experience enjoyable on most levels, and I guess another term would be “interesting”. The audience has to find the content interesting, and that has to be on their terms, not ours. That is maybe the hardest thing to come to terms with as an artist and one of the most important. Beyond the technical work that you do to master whatever medium that you choose is the constant thinking of how all of it will input to the final recipient of the stuff.

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