MediaCrash & Emacs Stories, Part One

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I just spent a day or so setting up Org-Mode inside Emacs. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! All the random junk and ideas that rattle around my head are now firmly in software where they belong. I’ve been messing around with Org for a while, but I haven’t really started using it to its full potential until now. I actually think that having a workable system will be a significant improvement on how I’ve been running things around here up to this point. I’ll let you know how it develops as I explore it.

I’ve also been using Tramp more and more, rather than opening up an Emacs instance on the servers that we use. I used to actually upload a custom copy of my .emacs to each machine and use the remote Emacs. Tramp puts all that in the past.

This weekend was a big Emacs weekend, as you can probably tell. I’ve used all of these Emacs extensions before but I’ve really started to make a serious effort to keep my entire work session inside Emacs if possible. I’m always amazed that I can even consider that. The cherry on top was anything.el. Between those three chunks of code, W3m, and EMMS, I’ve truly turned my Emacs into an operating system…

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