Dorama Review #3: Akumu-chan

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Akumu_chanAkumu-chan is a drama that recently aired on NTV in Japan. If you like paranormal activity & sci-fi mixed with comedy, you’ll definitely love this one. The story is about Mutoi Ayami, an elementary school teacher who presents herself to her class as a caring, smiling and kind-hearted sensei. In reality, she’s deeply selfish and focused solely on her own agenda. She discovers that a new student in her class, Koto Yuiko (played spookily by Kimura Manatsu 木村真那月) has the creepy ability to see into the future when she dreams. Her dreams are always nightmares and they invariably come true (akumu 悪夢 means nightmare in Japanese, so Yuiko is actually called “little nightmare”!). When Yuiko begins to have nightmares about the other students in the class, Ayami is forced to get involved in order to change the future.

The show is filled with Alice in Wonderland-esque visuals and tons of funny moments. Ayami (played by gorgeous Kitagawa Keiko 北川景子 ) is superb as she’s torn by her natural tendency to care nothing for people and her desire to help her students. Her character is conflicted as she begins to discover secrets about herself and her past and wonders if she actually does have deep feelings. She’s funny too!

For me, Yuiko is the best part of the series. She sort of hangs in the background like a cute, eerie shadow as bizarre and unnatural events happen around her. Her hair is just plain awesome (you have to watch the show to see what I mean).

And finally, for the ladies (or any other fans of the megastar), Gackt is in it. What more can I say? Chicks dig him. He’s actually pretty good as Shiki Takashi, a neuroscientist who’s trying to get to the bottom of Yuiko’s strange abilities. Any more about his role would be spoilers.

Akumu-chan is a lot of fun, with fantastic images and an intriguing storyline. Just like any good series, it gets better as you watch more of it. You can get it here from Amazon. Recommended.


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