Dorama Review #1: Seigi No Mikata

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seigi_no_mikataOk, here we go with the first of my series of reviews of Japanese drama series. Seigi No Mikata  is a very charming and funny story about a teenage girl and her relationship with her older sister. Sounds cliche, but it’s packed with hilarious scenes. Based on a manga of the same name and starring Shida Mirai   (志田未来) and Yamada Yu, (山田 優) the series title means “Ally of Justice” or “Friend of Righteousness”.

The basic plot of the series is that 15 year old Yoko is a struggling high school student who is competing against her incredibly intelligent, beautiful and successful older sister Makiko. Makiko is seen by everyone as the perfect member of society but, in actuality she’s a conniving, selfish and wicked manipulator. No one else seems to realize it, but Yoko has to deal with her drill sergeant like ways.

Makiko is totally bananas; she trains every day in order to keep her figure but she forces Yoko to carry her around the neighborhood. She insists that her family take her to expensive restaurants and buy gourmet food but she eats nearly all of it. But no matter what, she always publicly ends up coming off as the hero. I mean an actual crime fighting hero.

Shida Mirai is awesome as Yoko; her incredulity at the extremes her sister goes to in order to dupe the public results in an amazing comic performance. Her shocked reactions won her a Best Actress Award at the 58th Television Drama Academy Awards for the role. She also starred in 14 Sai No Haha  (14 Year Old Mother), and anime fans may recognize her voice as the star of Arietty.

 Seigi No Mikata  is well worth the time and develops into a touching family drama without losing its slapstick appeal. I recommend grabbing it from d-addicts or ordering it from Amazon.

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