Inktober Week 2

17 October 2016 art
Post Thumbnail of Inktober Week 2

Here are the drawings from the second week of Inktober. I opened up with this one from day 13 because it’s my favorite –  I wanted it on the top of the post.
I missed a couple of days here and there, and didn’t follow the prompts precisely, but overall I …

Inktober is Fully Underway

6 October 2016 art,life,Uncategorized
Post Thumbnail of Inktober is Fully Underway

The first week of Inktober has been hectic. I decided to post the first five drawings that I’ve done here on this blog, simply because I haven’t had time to write at all.
Each drawing has taken just a bit more time to devise, draw and ink that I anticipated, so …

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