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The Madness in the Method: Discovering a Writing Process

5 February 2013  life,writing
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I have this beat up Microsoft keyboard with the home-row letters worn off. It’s what they call “ergonomic” and I bought it because I was typing so much that my hands were cramping painfully. I try to imagine how my wrists would feel with an ancient mechanical typewriter, the typebars …

The Abstract Fairy Tale

4 February 2013  life,writing
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Once, I thought that all of the children’s stories that I had read when I was young were past being written. I heard that the fairy tales and the nursery rhymes had been banned in the schools and that my favorite writers had been placed on lists that described them …

The Value of Dorama

10 January 2013  japanese,life
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If you’re studying Japanese and using the Internet to supplement your studies, or even doing most of your study online, Japanese television is invaluable for your listening skills and cultural understanding. Many new Japanese language students have their first introduction to Japanese through anime or manga and they may miss …

Why Japanese Isn’t as Hard as It Looks

3 January 2013  japanese,life
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Simply mention to native English speakers that you study the Japanese language and you’ll receive raised eyebrows, looks of amazement, and remarks of how difficult it is. You’ll also hear stories of how they always wanted to learn Japanese but they quit after they realized how insurmountable it was. Although …

All’s Fair?

31 March 2010  life
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Allow me to pontificate about a few of the paradoxes inherent in relationships. Imagine, if you will, a discussion between a man and his significant other. This is a heated discussion, an argument even. During this exchange, the man utters the words “Fine, leave then. I don’t care.” We can …

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