Welcome to MediaCrash.

Dedicated to the creation, production, acquisition and distribution of quality media content from analog to digital and beyond.

Who We Are:

We are a small media studio that specializes in music composition, arrangement & production. We also work in the fields of illustration, programming, web development, and digital & print publishing. Our workflow integrates multiple technologies to create unique, innovative & eye-catching productions.

Why We're Different:

We feel that the traditional print & music publishing business models should breathe their last breath and we strive to collaborate with like minded artists to bring promising projects to completion. We believe that the future of today's incredibly fast-paced media industry is on the web and our goal is to put up & coming artists there. If you've already established a presence online and are fully confident in your project, then you don't need us. If you haven't and would like to work with a team that is fully committed to technical artist development, we'd love to hear from you.

Who We're Looking For:

Graphic & Visual Artists (especially those who are influenced by anime & comics)

Musicians (from classical & film soundtrack to electronica, hip-hop & hardcore)

Programmers (We work with Python and C mostly but we're not religious about it. We're willing to use any language (except Java!) if it's the best for the job.)

Writers (If you have something written, we'd love to read it. Short-stories, novels, scripts, completed or partially completed, let us know what your interest is and we'll work to accommodate you.)

Web-Designers (CSS wizards, drop us a line.)

Blender Artists (We're committed to pushing Blender further into the public awareness. If you would like to work on a project, we would love to see your demo reel.)

Sound/Audio Engineers & Producers (We came up with Pro-Tools, but we've worked with a number of other DAWs and systems. If you can get us files in any common format, we can work with you.)


If you are creative or would like to be, and are looking for help on your project, look around the site. If you're interested, get in touch. If you totally know what you're doing and don't need our help, then WE NEED YOURS! We're a grass-roots, indie organization, and we're constantly ironing out the wrinkles in our set-up. We're simply trying to work together to get our material out to a paying public, without going through the traditional runaround. We're artists too and we just want to connect.